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Sweetie Pie Diaper Service

Fitted Diaper

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What's the most important component of a diaper?

Absorbency, Absorbency, Absorbency! 

Whether your baby is a heavy-wetter all day long, or you just need some extra absorbency at bedtime, the Sweetie Pie Fitted Diaper has got you covered! Intentionally designed with the most absorbent and natural fibers, this fitted diaper is made with a blend of bamboo cotton, with an added internal layer of hemp cotton stitched into the wet-zone. The entire diaper is absorbent and can handle even the heaviest soaking. 

Fitted Diapers require a diaper cover over top for a water-resistant, leakproof layer. 

Prep before first use: We recommend putting them through a heavy duty wash with hot water and 1 scoop of your cloth-diaper safe detergent. This will remove any impurities from manufacturing and shipping, and also boost the absorbency of the fibers so your diapers are ready to go to work.


Our One Size Fitted will fit most babies from 8lbs-40lbs