We know that there are a bunch of questions that need to be answered before a family jumps on the cloth diaper train! If you have questions other than what is listed here, please feel free to get in touch!

What is your wash routine like?

  • Sweetie Pie Diaper Service is determined to get the cleanest cloth diapers to our community of clients! We are also concerned with the state of the environment, so our goal with our wash routine is to clean the cloth diapers with the environment in mind.
    • We use a biodegradable, plant-based, powder detergent with low-level of fragrances.
    • Sweetie Pie Diaper Service uses a two-wash routine to make sure your cloth diapers are super clean! We also do single-load washes, to make sure you're getting your own diapers each week and, if your child does develop a rash or other skin reaction, we can find a resolution quickly.
    • We use wool dryer balls when the cloth diapers are put in the dryer. We also line dry when the weather permits, to save on energy consumption.
    • Sweetie Pie Diaper Service uses the sun to "bleach" out any stains, and turns to lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide (non-toxic) for stubborn stains.

Will the cloth diapers fit as my child grows?

  • Sweetie Pie Diaper Service can accommodate babies as small as 4lbs and as large as 45lbs. It might take a little figuring out in the beginning, but our goal is to fit your child, wherever they are on the growth chart and until they're using the potty!

Can Sweetie Pie Diaper Service wash my stash of cloth diapers?

  • We are excited to be able to offer this option to our community! Whether you just need a little help with the laundry every now and then, or every week, we have options for your family! If you've already invested in a stash of cloth diapers, but don't want to mess around with a wash routine, let us take that off your hands!

 Make sure to visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with any other questions!