With recent legislation and headlines, we know there is a need, and we know there's people like you who are ready and willing to help, but just haven't figured out how to--- yet. 

The average baby goes through about 7,000 diaper changes from birth to potty training. Disposable diapers can be a huge financial burden to even the most prepared parents. Cloth diapers can be re-used over and over again, and a family can cloth diaper from birth to potty training with as little as 20 cloth diapers. 

This is where we can use our business to serve: Sweetie Pie Diapers is teaming up with our local foster agency and pregnancy care centers, and nominated families nationwide, to offer scholarships for cloth diapers and local cloth diaper service to birth and foster families who have chosen life.

We are ready to walk hand-in-hand with families to provide them with education and resources to care for their new babies and their cloth diapers. We will provide one-on-one training and support for laundering cloth diapers, and even set up local diaper service where available. 

Here's where we need YOUR help! We can't do this alone! 

Cloth Diapers for one child from birth-potty training ~$400

1 week of Diaper Rental, Delivery, and Laundering ~$35

ANY donation, and EVERY Prayer, Share, and Encouragement you can offer will get us one step closer to using our business to glorify God, provide peace of mind for new parents, and diapers for a precious child. 

Let's be the hand and feet of Jesus, and work together to take care of His children. 

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If you are interested in receiving diapers from this mission, you can apply for our scholarship here.